New Year, New Blog

It’s cheesy to start a new blog with the new year, but I’m doing it anyway because it feels right… and probably because I’m on maternity leave and full of whacky hormones! As a high school math teacher and mother of two baby boys under 2 years old I don’t have a lot of free time, but I’m looking for an outlet that’s more engaging than Candy Crush (my current time sink).

I don’t typically do resolutions, but I always reorder my priorities and focus on ways to improve my life on a personal and professional level during every week+ holiday break. This break (my 7 week maternity leave) I’ve focused heavily on feeding my family delicious healthy meals that follow a mostly paleo approach but also work with a single-income teacher-salaried household. My husband and I don’t have any obvious food sensitivities (we completed a Whole30 and reintroduction 3 years ago) but there’s a general sense of improved well-being when we eat a cleaner diet.

Professionally I’m only one class away from completing my Masters in Math Education and I feel a sense of urgency to bring better collaboration and problem solving to my Algebra students. I currently lead my school’s Algebra 1 group and have worked hard to write curriculum that improves the education of our Freshman group.

For this blog I’m happy to have a place to share my plans, successes, and struggles with my life as a home cook, a high school math teacher, a graduate student, a wife, a mother, and a woman and how I’m loving every second of it!


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