CSA Pick Up And Meal Prep 1/7/17

My csa is back! Yay yay yay! I buy most of my food conventional, but I love picking up my basket of fresh, local, organic produce each week. Someday, I will be able to afford cage-free/pastured/grass-fed/organic everything but for now I will celebrate what I can do instead of focusing on what I can’t. Here’s what came in my bag, with a few add-ons for a total of $33.75


What would you make with all this beautiful produce? I’ve got big plans for this!

The romaine went straight into Taco salads with some fat leaves reserved for lettuce wraps and some chopped and stored for the next week of lunches. Somehow I’m swimming in broccoli so I blanched and froze this batch for easy sides with some of our future dinners. The butternut neck will become noodles and the butt (it’s a big butt) will be roasted for lunch salad and shredded for breakfast/snack fritters. The spinach will go in egg scrambles and lunch salads, the zucchini will be diced for egg scrambles, sliced for a cheesey gratin, and zoodled for that sun dried tomato pasta on my first week of meals. Sweet potatoes will be stuffed with sloppy joes, sliced into fries and chips, and diced for breakfast hash. The Brussels will be halved and roasted for my lunch salads and half will be saved to sauté with bacon and cabbage for dinner.

In addition to this I made a store run for beets (on sale right now in my area), bananas, cuties, Parmesan cheese, and some thick organic heavy cream.

This haul led to my weekly meal prep

In this cookup I’ve got some 4-ingredient banana muffins (experimental small batch), curried cashews, and butternut fritters (also experimental with almond flour; these did not bind very well but tasted great so I will need to keep trying and adjusting) that I froze uncooked and cooked to see which reheats better.

This week my lunch salad will be roasted veggies on romaine, spinach, and beet greens with a maple balsamic dressing.



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