StitchFix 1/12/17


I’m a regular StitchFix user and have been since June of 2015. I’ve received 6 boxes (I’m on their quarterly schedule) and have found one item I liked every time- I even kept an entire box on my third fix! I’m right on the high-end of their sizes and have been fortunate enough that my taller frame fits well with their XL sizes. I’ve also had the opportunity to sample their maternity box with my last fix and it came with some much-needed pieces to help boost my self-love and self-confidence. For StitchFix I’ve selected my style as Casual, Classic, and Preppy and I’m almost always sent pieces with bold colors and simple patterns. Once I go back to work I’ll start posting my teacher-style and you’ll get to see a lot of my old StitchFix finds in the mix because I wear them regularly.

If you’re interested in StitchFix using my referral here gets me a $25 credit to my account. Don’t worry though, I’m a clothes-delivered-straight-to-me addict now and I will continue to get fixes because I love how special I feel when the box arrives and I get to do a mini at-home fashion show for my hubby.

Here’s what came in my fix this time: (P.S. I love the personalized note they send; it really makes me feel connected to my stylist!)


First Up: Renee C Aubree Striped Elbow Patch Pullover (Kept)


The second I put on this sweater my husband started nodding emphatically. He loves it, leftover baby pouch and all and it felt great so I had a feeling I would love it too. We have a system with “fashion shows” where I don’t look at what I put on until he expresses his opinion so that his opinion isn’t swayed by my initial reaction that I can’t hide with my horrible poker face. The length of the sleeves makes this sweater super cozy and even though it hugs it’s also a heavy enough fabric that I don’t feel overexposed. I’m not sure I love the elbow patches, but I can’t really see them when I wear it anyway… so keep!

Next: Skies are Blue Wels Puffer Vest (Returned)


I desperately wanted to like this vest because it’d be perfect for my night walks in the not really that cold but cold enough to layer weather we’ve been having. Unfortunately, it just didn’t look right on me no matter how hard I tried. I’ll have to search my local Target/Ross/Nordstrom Rack and see if I can find a similar that works better… Sigh

41Hawthorn Dawney Scallop Trim Blouse (Returned)


I love navy blue and I even have a navy blue blouse like this one except with a boat neck and lace sleeves. I didn’t love the amount of exposed armpit which I’m trying awkwardly to cover with my arm placement here and because I have a top already so similar this one just wasn’t worth hanging on to.

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse (Kept)


I’m a sucker for this style. I like portofino shirts, I like tab-sleeve, I like button front henley looks. A lot of times the fit on these is weird for me because of my hips, waist, or bust (hey nursing boobs!) but the relaxed fit on this one and breezy material makes me feel comfortable. Plus I love a bright bold color any time. Can’t wait to debut this one back to work next week.

Not Pictured: Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant (Returned)

This was a nice pair of work pants and it was technically my size, but I didn’t like the snug fit as I’m still post-pregnancy body right now and I tend to pick up my work pants at JC Penney on sale for $20-30 a piece. I guess I’m just not ready to commit to a new pair of pants especially if the fit isn’t perfect.

All in all this was another winning box with pieces that matched what I like and (except for the pants) fit my body the way I like. I’m excited to venture into the world of vests now that my mind has been opened to the idea. Thanks StitchFix!

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