CSA Pick Up and Meal Prep Week of 1/13/17

My CSA is the best. Each Friday afternoon they post what’s in the bag for the week as well as the prices of add-on items. I get until Sunday to place my order and make any substitutions that I need (for example we don’t eat mushrooms and usually swap white potatoes for sweet potatoes instead). I also tend to add on some of our favorites that we eat every week if they aren’t included (like zucchini, green onion, or cauliflower) but for the most part I let what’s in the bag determine what we eat that week so my family gets a good variety. This week couldn’t have been better suited for us! I only subbed out the carrots because we still had some left from a 5lb bag in our fridge:


This week’s bag included a cheddar cauliflower, celery, romaine, 1lb each of Brussels sprouts and green beans, apples, one orange, onions, a bag of spinach and yams.

That means this week we will be whole roasting cauliflower to serve with ribs, the apples, celery and romaine will go in my salads with the leftover celery heading to my mom and leftover apples for snacking green beans will be going in orange chicken bowls, Brussels will be halved and roasted to caramel-y goodness as a side, the orange will be turned into a mojo marinade, and the yams will be smashed and baked as a delicious starchy side of serve as substitute buns for burger balls. Yum!

Meal prep was a lot of fun this week and probably the most productive I’ve ever been. I made myself a planner in word and had it printed at UPS. As you can see my son was also very helpful…

The meal prep included cauliflower tots for the toddler, white sweet potato fries blanched frozen and ready to bake, sliced Brussels and green beans, salmon patties for snack, burger balls frozen and ready for dinner, five jars of chicken salad salad, and a chipotle lime mayo for everything.

Hope your three day weekend was awesome too!


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