Workwear Week of 1/16/17

This week marked my first day back from an 8-week maternity leave. I was fortunate enough to 1) come back on a 4-day school week and 2) to fit into my pre-second-pregnancy clothes thanks to maintaining my healthy pregnancy eating habits even after delivery. That means I was able to bring down my work-clothes tub and have my pick of the litter! Plus I got to add my newest StitchFix goodies into my rotation (see my StitchFix review here). Without further ado, here’s what I wore and how my first days back as an Algebra teacher went:

Tuesday I wanted bright colors to brighten my mood as I said goodbye to my babies for the first time in 2 months. My toddler wasn’t even awake when I left so no goodbye kisses for mommy. This mustard cardigan and corral necklace (yay I can wear jewelry again!) did the trick. Not sure if I’m allowed to mix those two colors but I did and it made me happy. Coming into work I knew where we were in the calendar scope/sequence but had no idea what I’d be teaching or what materials I’d be using since normally the curriculum is something I create. I survived on adrenaline, anxiety and “you look so good!” compliments without breaking down and missing my babies too too much.

Wednesday I debuted my blouse from the latest StitchFix box and I LOVED it. The sleeves are a great length and the blouse doesn’t pull wide open at the buttons. Plus it was super convenient to have the buttons because they allowed me to nurse my newborn without having to undress and redress before work.

Thursday was cold and rainy so I went with all black and white, but added a pop of color through dark lipstick and made my unwashed hair work by putting it in a side braid.

Casual Fridays means us teachers get to wear jeans. Since the temp is actually below 50 I thought today was the perfect day for my new striped StitchFix sweater with blue jeans and my black riding style boots. I also paired this with my grandma necklace which was a keepsake my mother made for us when she passed away 10 years ago. The hormones had me feeling sentimental and emotional and having her memory with me gave me the strength to go to work.

I really do love being back to work, having a good reason to style myself, and even taking my storage room selfies before I pump. I’m already looking forward to what I’ll wear next week. See you then!


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