Workwear Week of 1/23/17

I survived a full workweek… sort of. Friday I wasn’t in the classroom because of an all-day meeting at the district office. What I’m realizing as I get back into the swing of things is that my kids got really lazy. Some of them actually did NOTHING for the sub and have dug themselves some pretty deep holes. My teaching philosophy centers around learning as a continuous process and so I run my classroom through formative assessments. This allows students to recover their grades so long as they learn the material. I could get into this deeper, but this post is about what I wore so let’s get to the fun stuff!

Monday … the day where bright color is needed the most. To battle the Mondays I opted for some hot pink ankle pants from Old Navy and then to battle the hot pink ankle pants I tried to stick to black and white. I’m not sure I like how the white cardigan looks with the blouse (too late now right?) so I’m going to have to play around with other potential combinations.

Tuesday I went all black with my favorite plum cardigan and a bright green chunky necklace from StitchFix. Keeping it simple and comfy.

Wednesday I had a lot of fun with my favorite ModCloth blouse! Since my sweater was red I opted for a bright red lip stain too which was a ton of fun since I almost always stick to a natural neutral pink color. Can I just bring up the fact that this skirt was a mis-take? Our weather dropped 15 degrees overnight and my car was completely icy. Bad day to have my legs exposed- whoops!

After the blustery windy cold weather of Wednesday I knew I needed to finish the week with cozy sweaters so Thursday I paired my favorite nursing purchase from Motherhood Maternity with a plum tank (repeat on that color), blank ankle pants, my favorite two-tiered necklace from StitchFix and gold flats because you can’t wear your black flats every day amiright? I need to look into expanding my footwear options…

Casual Friday! PLUS I had an all day district meeting so was out of my classroom learning about the expansion and direction our computer programming /STEM program will be going. I’ve been teaching Java at my school for the past five years and built the AP Computer Science A track up from nearly nothing. Now it looks like we’ve got some big changes in our future as we make computer programming a fully fleshed four-year career path for our students and add the complete software development picture plus real world internship opportunities for our high school students. Now if only I could get more than 15 kids to sign up… Anyway I opted for another sweater (very old, probably from Target) a warm coat my husband bought me for Christmas a few years back (also from Target) black riding boots and jeans. P.S. these are actually maternity jeans (zipper-less with side panels) and I’m a little bummed I can’t wear them any more because after an hour or two of movement they started to sag in weird places without my huge preggo belly holding them up.

That’s about it for this week in old-lady-teacher-fashion land!


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