CSA Pickup and Meal Prep 1/27/17

It’s another beautiful week and my last basket of January. I’m so excited for next month because the seasonal produce will be shifting to include asparagus! Not that this month wasn’t great, but who doesn’t love asparagus?


This week we got cauliflower, 2lbs of apples, spinach, cilantro, 1lb broccoli, tomatoes on the vine, three jalapeños, three limes, 3 avocados, 1lb of Brussels sprouts and a butternut squash.

I’m calling this week’s bag the “salsa pack” because it included almost everything my husband uses to make his favorite green-but-not-green salsa. He gets the tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, and lime plus one of the jumbo onions from last week. The trick to his salsa is so much cilantro that it looks more green than red and blending it until super smooth.

What are my plans for the rest? Glad you asked! That cauliflower gets to be a cauli mash side dish, the broccoli is going in crispy orange beef, the butternut will be both noodles and a butternut Lasagna for the toddlers, the Brussels will get roasted and served as a side, the avocados go in my lunch and possible with some tacos if they make it that far and last but not least the spinach and some of the apples go in my salad.

Here’s what prep looked like this weekend:


I’ve got Spanish rice and sliced grapes for the toddlers in the bottom left. Diced mangos, sliced Brussels sprouts, cauliflower mash and butternut noodles for dinners in the bottom middle. Along the right side is a chicken teriyaki bowl (sauce separate) for the Husband. In the middle are my jar salads, chorizo egg muffins, and plain egg muffins as well as the orange sauce for dinner later in the week. Top is a huge butternut Lasagna for the toddlers (and probably the husband) to devour this week.

Heres a close up of my salad. This week I’ve got an orange vinaigrette, apples, tomatoes, bacon, chicken and spinach and I’ll be topping the whole thing with half an avocado.


Meal prep makes me so happy! I would do it all the time if I could…



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