Workwear Week of 1/30/17



Oh man this week dragged. I’m not sure why, but I struggled with my emotions and leaving my babies every. single. day. It was so bad that I missed my first period class on  Tuesday and had to ask another teacher to sub for me. On the flip side, I’ve been marinating on a new business idea that I’m really hopeful about, looking into the opportunities having my Masters will bring (like community college adjunct positions) as well as planning some big changes to my curriculum and classroom style for next year to make Algebra 1 even better.

Also, did I mention I lost almost 11lbs of baby weight? Even my pre baby pants are starting to get loose and saggy. Having two babies in two years really does a number on a gal so I’ve got a lot more progress to make…

Anyway, let’s bring on the outfits!


It’s been 11 weeks since I’ve been on a date (newborn calendar) so it was great this past Saturday to meet up with friends for Happy Hour to celebrate the end of our fantasy football league (I placed 8/10 the husband placed 5/10 so we pretty much sucked). But wings, beer, and bedazzled winner bibs make everything better. This is a StitchFix top I had not planned on keeping but my toddler hid it so it didn’t get sent back. Might as well make it work right? Black jeans, black boots, and turquoise accessories (plus black eyeliner- say what?!) made me feel great this night.



I was not a fan of how my white cardigan look last week went, but I was sure I could make it better this week. A bright orange wrap blouse from StitchFix and a chunky gold necklace saved the day! I was much happier with this outfit.


Rock bottom day needed more color and a lot of comfort. I stayed home with my babies an extra two hours because even the thought of leaving made me break down into tears. I decided to wear one of my favorite sweaters and my polka-dot maternity pixie pants. I swear there’s polka dots down there! These are my only patterned pants and I’m tempted to try more…


Have I mentioned how much I love StitchFix? This another StitchFix top and I love both the brightness and the pattern which is weird since I don’t normally like florals. Paired with some neutrals (grey skirt and navy cardigan) and I was ready for after school meetings. Can’t help but think a nice pair of navy shoes would’ve worked better in this look.


Polka dots! This is a maternity shirt but it’s so float and great I think it works both ways- right? Mustard and navy is one of my favorite combinations so the mustard cardigan was a no brainer to keep warm. This is also the day I really started to notice the lost weight because I had to tie my pants with string to keep them up. It’s gonna  be belts every day from now on.


Not much to say here… except I still love my Seahawks! This is casual Friday (jeans) meets school spirit Footballs Friday (support your team). Plus I love the banter and connections talking football brings to my classroom.

That’s all for this week, but I’ll be back at it again on Monday.



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