What We Ate 3

This post has been in my drafts forever (almost a week) because I need to sit down at a desktop and insert all of the links to the recipes but I haven’t done that. I refuse to wait any longer so the links will just be added later!

1: chicken basil meatballs with sweet potato fries and Brussels. This was an important freezer-Friday for me because I was so close to getting fast food when I remembered I had these meatballs and fries ready to go in my freezer. Being prepared saved me some regret and some money.

2. I think this was going to be Chicken pad Thai? But it ended up being a tossed together chicken, butternut noodle, Ming bean, broccoli, carrot and sunbutter sauce bowl-thing. And it was delicious.

3. My husband’s hands-down favorite meal this week. Sweet potatoes, Brussels and a ranch pork chop all roasted on one sheet pan plus cauliflower mash reheated in the microwave.

4. (Not pictured) Chili! We had about a dozen people over (aka my husbands mother and siblings) so we made a double batch of chipotle chili and I whipped up some cornbread muffins and white rice since they aren’t grain free although we usually are.

5. Can The Husband have two favorites? Tacos are on repeat at our house but this was my first time making fish tacos. I topped these babies with mango salsa and chipotle mayo slaw and did multiple happy dances the flavor was so good. Plus I got to use the leftover slaw and salsa on some shredded chicken later this week for an easy snack.

6. Another roasting night and it’s really ugly (Husband cooked, plates, and pictured this one for me because the baby was being particularly fussy). This is a paprika garlic drumstick, with leftover roasted sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels.

7. BEST FOOD EVER! Oh my goodness tapioca starch has fixed all of my crispy Chinese food needs for life. Crispy orange beef with broccoli, green beans, and roasted cauliflower rice. This recipe was so amazing my mom made it for her family the next day.


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