Workwear Week of 2/6/17


Last week had a bonus outfit and this week has one less-whoops! We had a district half-day training and while I originally put together a cute black jeans/blouse outfit my beautiful 2 month old decided to projectile vomit 5 minutes before it was time to leave so I had to quickly rinse and change. I ended up in jeans and a college tee (Wednesday is college rep day normally at my school but I skip it) which is fine because that’s life but I just didn’t feeling like snapping a pic since it was boring.


Monday I wear bright colors. This is now a thing I think. So I paired my newest StitchFix blouse with white ankle pants (that look terrible in this picture- yikes) and a chunky gold necklace. This top is so loose , flowy and comfortable. It’s my new favorite and I’m going to have to find more ways to play it off so I can keep it in rotation.


Tuesday I kept it simple with a sleeveless maroon blouse, black cardigan, and put the fun in my polka dotted maternity ankle pants. The waist on these no longer fit but I’m not ready to give them up since I don’t have a patterned replacement pair yet.


Thursday was a lot of fun for me! I stopped wearing this flannel because the cut looks terrible on my new hips, but lo and behold if you tuck it in it blouses in the best way possible and becomes a super cute top again. Go me! I like flannel but this is my only plaid piece and I’m not sure if I love plaid yet? Or really how to wear it in a professional setting…


Casual Friday put me back in jeans but this time I wore them with a black tank, green cardigan, black boots, and gold accessories including my StitchFix layered necklace from the Fix where I kept it all!





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