Workwear Week of 2/13/17


IT’S SPIRIT WEEK! As a Freshman teacher I take spirit week very seriously. Students need role models and if we want them to buy into our school community we have to show them that WE buy in too. Of course, that means my outfits were a bit wacky and include an outfit I refuse to share (Don’t “sweat” the small stuff, I’ll leave it at that). I also learned that there are a few more maternity pieces I need to put away into deep storage because not only do they not fit my not-pregnant body they were also completely unflattering.


Sunday we went out for my brother in law’s birthday dinner and had amazing burgers. I wore this simple ready in 10 minutes boots-jeans-tank-colored cardigan combo because it’s effortless and can withstand my crazy kids. You’ll see this outfit combination with each of my cardigans eventually because it’s a template I return to often.

Monday (not pictured). Sorry not sorry I am sparing you this one.


Tuesday was Valentine’s Day so the theme was pink and purple. I originally had a hot pink shirt with my hot pink pants but the newborn puked all over and I had to go with a backup. I did not realize how bad this maternity top looked on me and I will not be wearing it again…


Wednesday was SuperHero day so I took the opportunity to bust out one of my nerdy math shirts. Spirit week always includes some very unprofessional outfits. This one wasn’t so awful though.


Thursday was Tie Dye to signal diversity (different colors coming together) but I own ZERO tie dye so I skipped and wore a standard work outfit. My kids were disappointed which tells me I need to invest in at least one tie dye shirt for future spirit weeks. I wore this StitchFix patterned blouse on date night a few posts back and wanted to see if I could remix it for work and still have it look “different” enough. I think the plum cardigan was a great layer although the silky sleeves felt a little weird underneath the cardigan sleeves.


Friday I was off campus so I decided to debut my newest purchase from my Window Shopping: Patterns post. I LOVE this blouse! It has a cute cutout in the back that’s not so large that I can’t wear a normal bra and a really flattering neckline. I paired it with my white StitchFix maternity jeans (they still fit kind of so I’m not ready to let go) and I was channeling Spring vibes. The blouse was light and breezy and totally wrong for the cold windy overcast day we had after three days of sunshine- whoops! I was indoors all day so it didn’t matter that much but still funny.

There you have it! Another week of teacher fashion with some weird Spirit Week looks mixed in.


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