Workwear Week of 3/20/17


Spring has sprung! Monday was the first day of Spring and I made it my goal to wear floral every single day. Turns out I only have four work-appropriate floral pieces… whoops! I was hesitant when StitchFix sent me my first floral piece (the very pink floral top) because I was sure I didn’t like floral, but it turns out I was wrong.


Monday I rocked my new Old Navy tank, white ankle pants and nude flats plus my rose-colored light cardigan. Remember when I concluded that rose is my color? Again I got crazy compliments wearing this cardigan in a new way so it’s official… buy all the rose things! Rose pants, rose blouses, rose shoes? Yes yes yes!


On Tuesday I repeated the muted color Target floral shell to see if it looked good tucked into a black pencil skirt (it does) and I wore it sleeveless because it’s still crazy hot right now. I felt very teacher-ish in this shot because of the double-shoulder-bags-black-coffee look before I loaded into my car to go to work. Ha!


Another PLC Meeting, another dress! The weather was beautiful and overcast so we took our meeting to a Starbucks patio and it was fabulous. This is actually a maternity dress I bought during my last pregnancy and I think it worked really well with the mustard cardigan. Plus, it’s a pretty standard wrap style so I’m thinking I can wear it a bit more before I have to retire it?


You know what I love about StitchFix? They have so many shirts with great little details and I feel like in this picture you can really see the blue embroidery trim around the neckline in this picture. It just adds another great layer to this blouse. Some crazy weather flew in so I went back to my plum cardigan for warmth.


aaaaaand I’m all out of floral- sad day. But polka dots! Another awesome pattern filled in the gap. Black jeans, best ever ModCloth purchase neck tie blouse and my totally awesome PI Canvas bag for casual Friday.


Workwear Week of 3/13/17

Oh my goodness life is crazy right now! Too many birthdays. Too much preparation for state testing. Too many out of town family visits. I can’t keep up with anything! But I still got dressed for work every morning and I still took selfies so I’ve got some outfits to share.


I stayed home Monday since the baby had a slight fever and was incredibly fussy. That made Tuesday my first workday and I decided to keep it simple with my polka dot ankle pants, a sheer maroon blouse and black flats. Accidentally snapped my badge in the shot so had to blur out the details…


Wednesday is PLC Meeting day. As the Algebra 1 leader I like to look my most professional on Wednesdays (if possible) and dragged my favorite ModCloth dress out of the pre-pregnancy box. The weather is back in the 90s so this cardigan lasted about a minute. The dress is sleeveless and incredibly flattering so I felt comfortable even without my cardigan.


My mother calls this floral “old lady” but that’s definitely my fashion style so it’s perfect for me right? I love the color scheme in this blouse and it works with every cardigan I own so obviously I need to pair it with each one once right? This combo is black ankle pants, black flats, and a long teal cardigan that again did not last after the temps hit 90…


St. Patrick’s Day! Have you ever been pinched by a 15yr old? Because I have. Once. And I will never forget green on St. Patty’s day ever again. I didn’t feel like wearing my green sweater (too hot) or my newest green StitchFix blouse (wore it a lot lately) so I went with my green StitchFix and a white blouse, jeans, and gold flats. I didn’t even pretend to myself that it’d be nice enough for a sweater and went sleeveless all day.

That’s it! I think it may be time for some compilation posts to see what pieces I’ve been repeating the most? Can’t quite remember any more what I’ve already done…

Whole30 Shopping and Week 1 Meal Prep

I’m sure there are some people who can succeed on the Whole30 without meal planning or meal prepping, but not me. Unless I spent $$$ at Whole Foods every day? Despite wanting to clean up my diet I’m still on an extremely tight budget (about $125 per week for everything for my family of three) and just can’t afford not to cook at home and buy all the things. Wouldn’t it be great if organic/additive free/sugar free food was the norm and the conventional extra processed stuff was the exception? Yes, yes it would!

That’s not to say I didn’t buy anything for my Whole30, I need bacon after all! So here’s what I’ve got stocked up:

  1. My organic csa basket: this baby has netted me a lot of produce to get through. I’ve got two bunches of asparagus, two bags of spinach, two bags of grape tomatoes, 2lbs of yellow onions, two spaghetti squashes, one butternut squash, two heads of cauliflower, 1lb of broccoli, three green peppers, 1lb Brussels sprouts, two sweet potatoes, avocados, and 1lb of snow peas. (Yes, we can and will eat ALL the veggies)IMG_3050
  2. Costco: I get my non-perishables at Costco as much as possible so that includes coconut flour, almond flour, avocado oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and canned tuna (nothing added in there). I also buy canned chicken but this will be out for Whole30 since they add “Food Starch” which can be from anything. Eggs in my house are practically non-perishable since we can easily go through three dozen in a week which means those are a Costco food as well. Since nut butters, nuts, and dried fruit are out for emergency food I needed meat. Thankfully Costco has some great options with 0 junk that I stocked up on included Aidells chicken and apple sausages, smoked pulled pork, and chicken basil meatballs. Once home, I repacked all of these into smaller servings so that I could stash the extras in the freezer for later.IMG_3065
  3. Sprouts: Sprouts is the store where I fill in the gaps… and shop like I don’t know what I’m doing. This time around I picked up sugar-free Pederson’s bacon, a bag of kraut, some cashews, lemons, green onions, cilantro, and shallots. I usually buy my coconut milk, coconut aminos, tapioca starch, and arrowroot powder here too but I’m all stocked up on these essentials already so I didn’t need more.

Now to the meal prep! I can’t follow a strict meal plan because on Saturday I have no idea what I want to eat each day for the entire week. Instead, I make a checklist of meals I have the ingredients for and am interested in and then as I cook them I check them off the list. Often, I add things to the list that weren’t already there (for example there is nothing Mexican/Latin on my checklist this week and I already can tell I want some taco-meat in my near future so that’ll have to be corrected)


This meal plan really should be called a “dinner plan”. When prepping only for myself I generally make a jar salad to take to work for lunch and egg muffins to take for breakfast. However, I’ve been meal prepping for family and friends the past month and got way fancier. My lunches this week were made on Sunday (when I made 96 meals in total) and include:

  1. Cuban pork lettuce wraps with mustard dipping sauce and cilantro-lime slaw
  2. Buffalo chicken cobb salad with avocado ranch
  3. Chicken shawarma with cauliflower tabouleh and tahini dipping sauceIMG_3066I’m about as prepared as I can be… now let’s just hope I can survive the ups and downs during the first two weeks and stay strong.

Workwear Week of 2/27/17

Did you miss me? I was on Spring Break! Which means I wore pajamas almost every day… don’t judge. But I’m back with another week of teacher outfits for you.


Over the weekend I was a pinning monster and I saw an outfit I could execute immediately with my newest sweater from StitchFix. I felt professional, put together, and warm on this chilly windy day. What I don’t understand from the picture is how she doesn’t look bulky where the sweater is tucked in? Maybe this really only works if you don’t have a recently-delivered-a-baby stomach pooch…

Tuesday it was still really cold so I opted for another sweater. This one I purchased from Target about 8 years ago and I’m still wearing it today because I love the deep purple color so much. Matched it with my blank ankle pants and black flats. I’m still getting the hang of selfies and you can see the end of my side braid hanging out in this one. Whoops.IMG_2944

Wednesday was my favorite outfit this week! I can’t get enough of color so I’m always pairing weird ones together like this teal cardigan with my hot pink pants. Throw in polka dots (one of my favorite patterns) and how can you go wrong? P.S. taking my pictures outside is so much more realistic because you get to see me holding my coffee, car keys, and wearing my work/pump bag which is my life.IMG_2946.JPG

Polka dots back to back! No shame in my favorite print. Although I think it’s time to retire this maternity blouse. It’s not doing my post partum body any favors. I’ve worn this outfit with my mustard cardigan and my white cardigan so the only combination left is my navy blue cardigan and I loved it! Plus more coffee and this time paperwork.

Casual Friday I wore another StitchFix favorite with this bright green blouse, but this time I half-tucked it into my only pair of jeans. I took this picture before going to work, so I wonder if I suffered from pit stains all day? Hmmm… Also, shout out to any button-front blouse that can handle nursing boobs without gaping wide open.


This was technically the week before Spring Break (hey, I was on vacation!) so I’ll be posting another week of outfits that match a two week and 20 degree difference.

My Whole30 Plan

I vented in my last post about the struggle I’ve been having with the slippery slope of poor eating decisions. It’s time to lay down my plan, map out my calendar, and prepare myself for the struggles ahead. I recently read Melissa Hartwig’s Food Freedom Forever and I noticed in the alternative resets some suggestions for cravings and decided to add those rules to my own personal Whole30 Guidelines:

Whole30 Yes No List

In addition to all of the normal Whole30 Rules, I’m also not going to be snacking or “emergency food” planning with crave-worthy binge-starting foods like Larabars or handfuls of cashews or spoonfuls of sunflower seed butter. I find that when I create these emergency snacks for myself (like my mason jars full of cashews) they became everyday snacks. That’s not necessarily bad (nothing wrong with a daily handful of cashews) but for me it’s just another way to let food rule my mind and it’s got to go.

My husband doesn’t want to do a complete Whole30 and we decided for my success and for our two babies it’s probably better if we don’t both hit the tired/cranky stages at the same time. In fact, my husband gets HANGRY when he doesn’t eat enough and when we do a Whole30 he often feels like he doesn’t know what’s “ok” for him to eat or not so he just won’t eat. To make sure my house isn’t filled with tempting noncompliant foods he and the toddler will be following a modified yes/no list:

Modified Yes No

My son loves fresh corn and white rice so those will be his “occasional grains”. I also like him to get his probiotics in with yogurt/yogurt pops and some days the only protein I can get him to eat is cheese. Instead of eliminating those items, I’m going to find better quality sources and pay attention to the additives.

Finall, nothing is worse than doing a Whole30 and hitting the rough patches when you need to be on your A-game so I created myself a calendar. Like I said in my last post, this is probably the worst time to do a Whole30 but I just can’t wait any longer. In the next 30 days…

  1. I will turn 27
  2. My son will turn 2
  3. There will be three birthday parties, including the one I host for my son
  4. My dad and his family will visit for a week
  5. My uncle, his 7 kids and my grandfather will visit for a week

I won’t lie and say I’m not worried, but I’m sure I can navigate these events with mindful choices and pre-eating (where you eat before you go to a party/dinner/etc). To see where the Whole30 Calendar lines up with my days I needed a visual:

Whole30 CalendarLooks pretty good right? I’ve got this, and I’m going to feel so good when it’s done.

Up next: Prepping for the Whole30 and Whole30 Day 1 Reflection



One Day or Day One?


I’ve been seeing this phrase all over instagram the past few weeks and kept telling myself, “it’s not the right time for me” and “just do the best you can right now” and “progress, not perfection” but my reality is not pretty. As a teacher my new year is in June. I complete my Whole30s in June; I get shit done in June. I let myself slide under the surface during the school year because my job takes so much out of my energy and willpower and my family takes whatever is left.

I am not somebody who is successful with moderation. I can’t just have “one soda on occasion” because occasions start to happen weekly and then next it’s daily and before I know it I’m buying a pallet of Diet Coke from Costco to reload my work fridge with that chemical-loaded caffeinated bubbly nectar. I can’t “treat yo-self” with “worth it” foods because I live with my sugar dragon on my shoulder whispering sweet nothings in my ear and converting all sugar to worth-it sugar. And yet, I tell myself I can do those things and be those things because it works so well for people who have their shit together. People who have followed a wholesome lifestyle for years and know themselves well. That’s not me. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I obsess, I crave, I binge, I suffer (headaches, sluggishness, etc) although thankfully I don’t regret- I’ve had too many struggles that have taught me to love myself to let a pint of Ben & Jerry’s put me down.

But it’s funny because I also love to cook. In fact, despite the lack of “What We Ate” posts I’ve still been cooking great meals for my family. When I cook I love to cook dairy free, grain free, gluten free, sweetener free, veggie and protein packed meals that are delicious! I cook 3-4 nights per week and I meal prep breakfast and lunch 5 days per week. That means out of approximately 21 meals per week 14 are on point. Unfortunately, moderation does not work. The other 7 meals are Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Donuts or whatever is fast easy and cheap. I need a reset. Not in June when it’s easiest, but now. And it’s not just me. My husband needs a reset and my son (almost two) needs a reset. In fact, I’m convinced that all of the issues we have been facing with our moods and our energy levels can be sourced to the refined sugars and refined grains that have weaseled into our daily lives.


So for now, instead of posting after the fact (which obviously didn’t work) I think I need to post my weekly plan for meals and meal prep and an in-the-moment diary of what really went down and how it made me/my husband/my son feel and act.

Hope you’re ready because I sure as hell am.