Workwear Week of 3/20/17


Spring has sprung! Monday was the first day of Spring and I made it my goal to wear floral every single day. Turns out I only have four work-appropriate floral pieces… whoops! I was hesitant when StitchFix sent me my first floral piece (the very pink floral top) because I was sure I didn’t like floral, but it turns out I was wrong.


Monday I rocked my new Old Navy tank, white ankle pants and nude flats plus my rose-colored light cardigan. Remember when I concluded that rose is my color? Again I got crazy compliments wearing this cardigan in a new way so it’s official… buy all the rose things! Rose pants, rose blouses, rose shoes? Yes yes yes!


On Tuesday I repeated the muted color Target floral shell to see if it looked good tucked into a black pencil skirt (it does) and I wore it sleeveless because it’s still crazy hot right now. I felt very teacher-ish in this shot because of the double-shoulder-bags-black-coffee look before I loaded into my car to go to work. Ha!


Another PLC Meeting, another dress! The weather was beautiful and overcast so we took our meeting to a Starbucks patio and it was fabulous. This is actually a maternity dress I bought during my last pregnancy and I think it worked really well with the mustard cardigan. Plus, it’s a pretty standard wrap style so I’m thinking I can wear it a bit more before I have to retire it?


You know what I love about StitchFix? They have so many shirts with great little details and I feel like in this picture you can really see the blue embroidery trim around the neckline in this picture. It just adds another great layer to this blouse. Some crazy weather flew in so I went back to my plum cardigan for warmth.


aaaaaand I’m all out of floral- sad day. But polka dots! Another awesome pattern filled in the gap. Black jeans, best ever ModCloth purchase neck tie blouse and my totally awesome PI Canvas bag for casual Friday.


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