Trolls Themed Toddler Birthday


My oldest turned 2 on March 20th and I knew I had to throw him a Trolls-themed party. He gets one movie a day (usually as a wind-down for bedtime) and he almost always picks Trolls. In fact, I’m positive Trolls is the reason he started using more words and short sentences. He loves to sing and dance and hug and sing and dance and hug andsinganddanceandhug. He acts out multiple scenes from the movie including Branch’s hair whipping the spiders, Branch reaching out for “Grandmaaaaaa” as he falls and the “caw” of the crow-thing in BergenTown (clearly I’ve seen Trolls a lot). I am becoming one of those crazy mommies who cares deeply about what nutrition my son receives (which honestly shouldn’t make me crazy!) so I tried to maintain a solid balance at this party…


We served burgers and all-beef hot dogs (toddler got his with no bun), mixed veggies with beet hummus, turmeric ranch, and guacamole, fruit tray, corn chips with salsa and potato chips with sour-cream dips. I wanted to provide a strong offering of grain-free options and by turning down offers to “help” I was able to keep almost everything home-made. The only battle I lost were the Ruffles and Sour Cream Dips (green onion and french onion soup from those packages with all the crazy ingredients). I knew I was going to have to provide the standard cake-ice cream-goodie bag combo because my mother-in-law is fiercely attached to the family traditions and expectations, but I don’t feed my kid a whole lot of refined sugar or really any sugar aside from that in fruit. So, I bought a Costco cake for the party goers, scraped off the decorations and made it Troll-tastic with rainbow colored sprinkles and icing Poppy:


This was crazy-easy and although it’s not perfect looking (from having to scrape off the original decorations) I’m pretty proud of myself. I also knew my son would be going nowhere near this sugar coma inducing monstrosity so bring on the SPRINKLES! For him, and the other babies / people looking for a lower sugar option I opted for six honey-sweetened homemade vanilla cake and buttercream cupcakes decorated to look like the troll poop from the movie.



I mean… the resemblance isn’t perfect but I was super happy with taste and the results. Despite all my efforts to make an alternate edible cake my toddler didn’t do much other than steal the raspberry, take one lick of the frosting, and run away to play. I, on the other hand, ate way too much of the crack cake and felt horribly sick as punishment. For the party itself, we played songs from the Trolls soundtrack plus other Disney music on the speakers, had the Trolls movie playing inside for anybody who hadn’t seen it or wanted to cool off (the party was mostly outside) and had a photo booth area with glitter backdrops and Troll props for party-goers to take selfies. This was by far my favorite part of the party and I managed to collect 15 awesome pictures of friends and family posing with the Troll hair to celebrate my son turning 2!


How do you celebrate your babies’ birthdays? Do you have to fight family expectations on what food to serve? Or do you just go with the flow for this one day?


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