So you want to know more about me, huh?

I am a lot of things. Some of my favorites are wife, mother, and awesome math teacher. I had the privilege of falling in love with my first (and only) boyfriend in high school and marrying him 5 years later. We now have two beautiful boys who are 20 months apart. My second baby was just born this past November so I’m a new mommy and navigating what it’s like to raise two babies at once. I’ve been teaching high school Algebra and Computer Programming for 5 years.

I started this blog on my maternity leave as a way to document the things in my life that I love as well as the things in my life that bring struggle and growth. Right now I’m very passionate about cooking my family healthy foods and living our best lives and so most of my posts will center around my grocery shopping, meal prep, and nightly cooking but I love other things as well so don’t be surprised by “What I Wore” or posts about the million challenges of trying to be a good parent.

Want to know more? Ask away!